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Surfix® easy

Ideal for

  • Powder coaters
  • Paint shops
  • Automotive and ship building industry
  • Verification of zinc coatings under the paintwork

Three alternative versions

  • Surfix® easy I with integrated probe
    Surfix® easy I-F for iron/steel
    Surfix® easy I-FN for all metals (dual gauge)
  • Surfix® easy E with external probe
    Surfix® easy E-F for iron/steel
    Surfix® easy E-FN for all metals (dual gauge)
  • Surfix® easy S with separate, exchangeable probe
    Surfix® easy S-F for iron/steel
    Surfix® easy S-FN for all metals (dual gauge)

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Special features

  • User-friendly. Switch on and instantly measure!
  • Fast and precise measurements
  • Wide measuring range up to 3500 µm /140 mils
  • Highly accurate measurements on flat, rough and curved surfaces
  • Dual gauges FN for measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Simple verification of zinc coatings under the paintwork of car bodies with the dual gage FN
  • Integrated or separate, exchangeable probe with hard metal pole tip designed for durability
  • Automatic substrate recognition with the dual gages FN
  • No calibration needed
  • Online statistics (N, Avg, Std. Dev., Min, Max)
  • 4-digit alphanumeric display
  • Large probe foot provides stable positioning
  • Audible indication of measurement
  • Selectable units µm/mils
  • Automatic power off

Delivery schedule

  • Gauge including probe
  • ZERO plate(s)
  • Plastic shim
  • Soft carrying pouh
  • 2 batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Manufacturer’s certificate


Can be supplied ex stock.

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