Gloss measurement

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Precise measurements of lacquered and high-gloss surfaces

The extremely small and lightweight gauge, with a 60 ° measuring geometry, determines the gloss (in gloss units–GU) of surfaces from mat to high gloss polished. It enables the user to carry out instant measurements on small areas as well as on difficult to access areas.

The backlit display allows easy viewing of display contents also in an inclined position. The integrated measuring standard for fully automatic calibration is included with the device. The GlossFix 60 is easy to use, can store and statistically evaluate the measured values​. This data can be transferred to a computer via the included cable and USB port. The transfer software "My Gloss" is also included. "My Gloss" transmits the measured values ​​together with the statistical data in a specially pre-compiled template. Further processing is carried out in a spreadsheet program such as Excel.

Usually gloss of paint and varnishes are measured in gloss-units (GU) between 0 and approx. 80 to 100 GU. 100 GU are defined as a reflection value using a black polished glass standard with a refraction index of 1.57.

According to the standard EN927-1 gloss is defined in gloss units using a glossmeter with 60° measuring geometry:

matt up to 10 GU
half-matt 10 to 35 GU
semi-gloss 35 to 60 GU
gloss-polished 60 to 80 GU
high-gloss polished above 80 GU

Areas of application

GlossFix 60 is made for gloss measurements e. g. on:

  • Paintwork on cars, electronic appliances, furniture and musical instruments
  • Anodized aluminum and other metal surfaces
  • Parquet floors, marble, granite and cramic tiles
  • Printing ink on paper and plastic
  • Surfaces of paper, plastics, wood etc.

Instrument features

  • Very high accuracy
  • Single key operation
  • Fully automatic calibration with an integrated measurement standard inside the holder
  • Display backlight
  • Statistical evaluation of the measurement readings
  • Data transfer to a PC via USB using the software ”My Gloss”
  • Long term stability of the light source, wear-free
  • Battery operation
  • Battery indicator
  • Standards: DIN 67530, DIN EN ISO 2813, EN ISO 7668, GB/T 9754, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457, JIS Z 8741

Technical specifications

Measurement geometry: 60°
Measurement range: 0 - 99,9 GU
100 – 1999 GU
Repeatability: ± 0,2 GU (0 – 99,9 GU)
± 0,2 % (100 – 1999 GU)
Measurement accuracy: ± 0,5 GU (0 – 99,9 GU)
± 0,5 % (100 – 1999 GU)
Display: LCD backlight
Statistics: from max. 10 values
Measurement spot: 9 mm x 18 mm
Light source: D65
Power supply: 1,5 V, LR03 (AAA)
Battery life duration: 60 h or
10.000 readings
Operationg temperature: – 10 °C to + 60 °C
Relative humidity: 85 % (no condensed water)
Dimensions: 83 mm x 46 mm x 30mm
Weight (gauge)): 100 g (without battery)

Scope of delivery

  • Gauge Glossfix 60 incl. holder with calibration gloss standard
  • Wrist strap
  • Operating Manual
  • USB interface cable
  • ”My Gloss” software
  • Manufacturer’s Certificate
  • Battery
  • Carrying case