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Surfix® S / Surfix® Pro S

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Suitable probes

High flexibility with exchangeble probes

The coating thickness gauge Surfix® S with exchangeable probes is offered in two versions. Various probes can be attached to both models enabling a wide variety of coating thickness measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals. This enables a wide range of universal and specific measurement tasks, e.g. small sensors guarantee precise measurering on difficult geometries or coating thickness measurement in bores, tubes and grooves.

All probes have a highly wear-resistent carbide pole tip and therefore almost unlimited durability. Data-transfer, easy-to-use combined with high presision makes it a universell coating thickness measurement gauge.

Large data storage: The Surfix® Pro S

The handling is simple and clear: the user is provided with clear and intelligible instructions via the display. A free language selection for handling and documentation ensures a confident use of the device. A large variety of interchangeable probes for universal and specific measurement tasks offers a wide range of possibilities. E.g. small sensors guarantee precise measurering on difficult geometries. The scan-mode provides for fast evaluation of large areas by continuous measuring.

Recording and processing the data is as easy as the measuring itself.  The ergonomic design provides  provides for a clear overview in handling and reading the display. Alphanumerical file names make the data management easy and guarantee safe access for further processing. Up to 10,000 measured values ​​can be managed easily and comfortably. Optionally the data can be transferred wireless via infrared or via cable to PC or Printer.

Universal gauge: The Surfix® S

Our Surfix® S is a universal device and can be operated with various probes. Due to the our selection of interchangeable probes it offers a wide range of measurement applications. The option to store and transfer the measured data, the easy handling and the high accuracy make it the universal measurement gauge. The device is designed for tough operations in the field as well as in laboratories.

The clear menu structure guarantees a simple handling and comprehensible operation instructions. The free language selection – German, English and French as well as many other languages like Spanish, Italian, Polish etc. - contributes to an unmistaken handling and prevents incorrect measurements.

Tranferring the measured data to a PC or printer via cable or wireless infrared is as simple as the handling itself . The Surfix® S features a large data storage, statistic functions, three calibration methods and data transfer via infrared and cable. 

The Surfix® S Basic is an attractive alternative. Without memory, statistics, limit values , null-offset, interface and backlight it is ideal for cost-conscious users.

Application areas

The Surfix® gauge are widely used in the following areas:

  • Electroplating
  • Paint shops
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Ship building industry
  • Research facilities and laboratories

Advantges at a glance

  • Innovative and user friendly measurement technology 
  • Automatic recognition of the base material with use of combi probes (FN-types) 
  • Scan-mode for continuous measuring (only Surfix® Pro S)
  • Data memory 10.000 values (only Surfix® Pro S)
  • Input and management of alphanumeric file names 
  • Online-statistics of all common parameters 
  • Data transfer to PC or Printer via infrared or cable 
  • Intuitive menu with free language selection 
  • Optional plastic foot for measurements to 150 °C or 300 °C (with 1.5 mm standard probe) 
  • Data transfer Software PHYNIX.connect
  • Producer inspection certificate 
  • 2 year warranty

Technical specifications

Measuring principle Depending on probe; for more information see probe PHYNIX program
Measurement Range Depending on probe to 30 mm
Accuracy Depending on probe to
± (0.7 µm + 1 % of value)
Resolution 0.1 µm or <0.2% of value
Display Backlight, 4-digit alphanumeric, height 10 mm (0.4 ”)
Calibration method Factory-, zero-, foil-calibration
Offset-function: add or subtract a constant value
Stistics Surfix Pro X: Single-/block-value, selectable block size parameters: n, x, s, Min, Max, Kvar, cp, cpk

Surfix S: Number of measurements, average, standard deviation,
minimum, maximum
Continuous measurement only Surfix® Pro S
Data memory Surfix® Pro S: 10,000 values

Surfix® S: max. 2 x 100 values
Interface Infrared / cable
Operating temperature 0° C to + 60 °C
Surface temperature -15 °C to + 60 °C
up to + 150 °C / + 300 °C
(with optional high temperature foot)
Dimensions gauge 137 mm x 66 mm x 23 mm
Weight 205 g incl. batteries
Protection class IP 52 (protection against dust and dripping water)
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Warranty 2 years

Scope of delivery


Important: Device is delivered without probe. Please choose one or several probes in our probe selection and order separately.


  • Probes according to PHYNIX delivery program
  • Measurement support for precision measurements on small parts
  • Calibration standards
  • Manufacturer‘s certificate TYP M DIN 55350
  • Soft bag
  • USB cable
  • High temperature feet for measurments on hot surfaces up to 150°C / 300°C

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A detailed product brochure with all the technical data can be downloaded here:

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