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Pocket Surfix®

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Portable coating thickness gauge

The Pocket-Surfix® gauge is a mobile measurement gauge providing fast, professional and precise coating thickness measurements of varnish, paint and electroplated coatings on iron/steel as well as on varnish, paint and anodic coatings on non-ferrous metals and on austenitic VA-steel.

The integrated probe has a hard-wearing carbide pole tip and therefore has almost unlimited durabilty. The plastic foot is equipped with a v-groove and ensures an upright positioning even on cylindrical or curvatured surfaces.

The Pocket Surfix® is available in 3 model variants. All model variants provide for easy and precise coating thickness measurements – the combined gauges FN on steel and non-ferrous metals, the F-types exclusive on steel and the N-types exclusive on non-ferrous metals.

Application Areas

Gauges of the Pocket-Surfix® family with integrated probes are especially suited for users with defined measuring applications and are used e.g. in:

  • Electroplating industry
  • Paint industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Ship building industy

Advantages at a glance

  • Innovative and user friendly measurement Technology: Switch on and measure!
  • Wireless data transfer to PC or printer via infrared
  • Online-statistics of all common parameters 
  • Measurements on iron/steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Automatic recognition of the base material
  • Automatic setup of required measuring mode
  • Intuitive menu with free language selection 
  • The low tracking force of pole tip prevents damages on sensitive surfaces
  • Producer inspection certificate
  • 2 year warranty

Technical specifications Pocket-Surfix® family

Measuring principle F-mode (magnetic inductive) for iron/steel
N-mode (eddy current) for non-ferrous metals
Measurement range 0 – 1,500 µm
Accuracy ± (1 µm + 1 % of value)
Resolution 0.1 µm or <0.2% value
Display* Backlight, 4-digit alphanumeric, height 8 mm
Calibration method Factory-, zero-, foil-, offset-function: add. or subtract. of a constant value
Statistics* Number of measurements, average, standard deviation, minimum, maximum
Data memory* Max. 80 values
Interface* Infrared
Operating temperature 0° C to + 60 °C
Surface temperature -15 °C to + 60 °C
Dimensions gauge 110 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
Dimensions probe integrated
Weight 90 g incl. batteries
Protection class IP 52 (protection against dust and dripping water)
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Warranty 2 years

* All models are availabe as basic version: without memory, statistics, limit values , null-offset, interface and backlight

Limit values

Smallest curvature radius for convex surfaces 1.5 mm
Smallest curvature radius for concave surfaces 50 mm
Smallest operation height 125 mm
Smallest measurement area 10 x 10 mm
Smallest base material thickness – F 0,5 mm
Smallest base material thickness – N 50 µm

Scope of delivery

Portables Schichtdickenmessgerät
  • Gauge Pocket-Surfix® FN, Pocket-Surfix® F oder Pocket-Surfix® N
  • Protective rubber cover
  • 2 calibration foils, iron zero standard, aluminum zero standard
  • Carrying case
  • 2 batteries AAA
  • PHYNIX.connect data transfer software
  • Manufacturer's certificate 
  • Instruction Manual

Download Prospekt

A detailed product brochure with all the technical data can be downloaded here:

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