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Standard gauge with firmly attached probe

The gauges from the Surfix® E-FN Family have a firmly attached probe. Therefore this gauge is interesting for users with defined measurement applications e.g. in hard-to-reach spots.  The menu-driven operating structure ensures simple use and clear operating instructions. The free language selection - in addition to German, English and French also many other languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian and Polish - provides security in operation and prevents malfunction.

The Surfix® E devices have a large memory for measured values, statistical functions, three calibration procedures and data transmission via infrared or cable. The determination of coating thicknesses is quickly and precisely possible. With the fixed probe, coating thicknesses up to 1,500 μ can be determined.

All gauges uses two proven measurement methods for coating thickness measurement: the magnetic and the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2178 und 2360). Both methods provide an equally high accuracy even with thin coatings, on steel and non-ferrous metals. Surfix® E is available in three variants:

  • The Surfix® E-F allows the non-destructive coating thickness measurement on iron or steel, ie on a ferromagnetic base material, with the magnet-inductive measuring method, whereby the layers to be measured have to be non-magnetic
  • The Surfix® E-N works with the eddy current method and enables the non-destructive coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic, metallic substrates such as aluminum or copper. The layers to be measured must be electrically insulated, eg varnishes, enamels or plastics

  • Users have the greatest flexibility with the Surfix® E-FN which uses both measuring methods. The measuring signals are automatically evaluated electronically and the right measuring method is automatically selected. The correct layer thickness is displayed, whether on iron or on non-ferrous metal.

All probes of the Surfix® E gauges have a highly wear-resistant measuring pole made of hardmetal and thus have an almost unlimited lifetime. The plastic foot of the probes is provided with a V-groove and thus ensures a vertical positioning even on cylindrical or curved surfaces. An optionally available high-temperature foot enables measurement on surfaces with a temperature of up to 300 ° C.

Application areas

The Surfix® E gauges are widely used in the following areas

  • in the electroplating industry
  • in the painting industry
  • in the automotive industry
  • in the chemical industry
  • in aerospace engineering
  • in shipbuilding
  • in research labs and universities
  • in the workshop
  • for consultants and assessors

Advantages at a glance

  • Innovative and user-friendly measurement technology
  • High-resolution color graphics display
  • Data Transfer via Infared-Interface or cable
  • Data memory for up to 200 measured values
  • Online statistics
  • Intuitive menu guidance
  • Measurements on hot surfaces up to 150 °C or 300 °C (optional)
  • Manufacturer's test certificate
  • 2 years warranty

Technical specifications

Measuring principle F-mode (magnetic-induction) for iron/steel
N-mode(eddy-current) for NE-metals
Measurement range 0 – 1,500 µm
Messunsicherheit ± (1 µm + 1 % of measurement value)
Resolution 0,1 µm or <0,2% of measurement value
Display Backlight, 4-digit alphanumeric, height 10 mm (0.4 ”)
Calibration method Factory-, zero-, foil-calibration
Offset-function: add or subtract a constant value
Statistics Number of measurements, average, standard deviation,
minimum, maximum
Data memory 2 x 100 values
Interface Infrared / cable
Operating temperature 0° C to + 60 °C
Surface temperature –15 °C to + 60 °C
Dimensions gauge 137 mm x 66 mm x 23 mm
Dimensions probe ∅14 mm x 83 mm
Weight 205 g incl. probe and batteries
Protection class IP 52 (protection against dust and dripping water)
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS
Warranty 2 years

Also availabe as basic version: without memory, statistics, limit values , null-offset, interface and backlight it is ideal for cost-conscious users.

Limit values

Smallest curvature radius for convex surfaces 1,5 mm
Smallest curvature radius for concave surfaces 5 mm
Smallest operation height 115 mm
Smallest measurement area 5 x 5 mm
Smallest base material thickness – F 0,2 mm
Smallest base material thickness – N 50 µm

Scope of delivery

  • Gauge Surfix® E-FN, Surfix® E-F or Surfix® E-N
  • Protective rubber Cover
  • 2 calibartion foils
  • Steel zero-Standard / aluminium zero-standard
  • Carrying case
  • 2 batteries AAA
  • PHYNIX.connect data transfer software
  • Manufacturer's certificate 
  • Instruction Manual


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A detailed product brochure with all the technical data can be downloaded here:

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