Coating Thickness Gauge Surfix Pocket X

Modern Coating Thickness Gauge: backlight display, easy operation

Following the successful introduction of the revised Coating Thickness Gauges of the Surfix® X and Surfix® easy X family, the Pocket Surfix® has also been thoroughly modernized. Characterized by the X in the name and the modern keypad layout, the new devices offer a bright LED backlight for the display and a USB interface for easy data transfer.

The Pocket-Surfix® X-Series Coating Thickness Gauges are portable instruments for easy and accurate coating thickness measurement, e.g. of lacquers and galvanic layers on iron / steel and non-ferrous metals. Thanks to the integrated probe, the coating thickness gauges are particularly handy. The probe has a highly wear-resistant measuring pole made of carbide and thus guarantees a very long service life. A plastic foot with large footprint and V-groove ensures vertical positioning on flat, cylindrical and curved surfaces.

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