Porosity detection

Pore detection in electrically insulating layers

The porosity detector series DC Compact are used for easy detection of pores and flaws in electrically insulating layers (for example lacquers, enamels, plastic coatings) on all metals or concrete. DC Compact instruments are particularly useful in the production and out in the field, eg. for pipelines, storage tanks or enameled construction parts. The portable porosity detector DC Compact consists of a fully insulated plastic housing and a the high voltage probe incl. brush. Using a special strap, the device can easily be carried, so that both hands are free for testing.

The porosity test is performed with a low-energy high DC voltage. Depending on the device type, the test voltage can be adjusted continuously from 0 to 15 kV or 30 kV. The test voltage is determined exclusively by the thickness of the layer to be tested. Therefore the film thickness should be measured before testing in order to prevent high voltage damage. A reference table which is part of the delivery content helps to determine the best test voltage which depends on the layer thicknesses.

The test procedure is performed by slowly pulling the brush with ca. 30 cm/s over the layer to be tested. A defect is indicated by sparkover and additionally by an audible and visual signal. The sensitivity is adjustable. For optimum test results different brushes are available like flat brushes and round brushes for internal and external testing on tubes.


Product-No. Description Test voltage
10213 DC Compact DC15
0 - 15 kV
11255 DC Compact DC15
0 - 15 kV
10185 DC Compact DC30
0 - 30 kV
11256 DC Compact DC30
0 - 30 kV

Advantages at a glance

  • Dry porosity detection
  • Battery operation
  • Very light
  • Continuous adjustment of test voltage from zero to maximum 
  • Optical and acoustical alarm message
  • Battery charging possible during testing
  • Removable battery pack for separate charging
  • Overcharge protection
  • LCD display for test voltage and charge level indicator
  • Adjustable alarm sensitivity

Technical specifications

LCD 3 3/4 digits
Resolution DC Compact DC15: 10 volt
Resolution DC Compact DC30: 10 volt
Akku: Operating time > 8 h
Weight: 2,2 kg
Package weight: 6 kg
Short circuit high voltage (max): 0,5 mA
Length of HV Silicone cable (unit - probe): 2 m
Length of the grounding wire: 7 m
Size: 260 mm x 160 mm x 70 mm

Scope of delivery

Industrial version:
  • Device with battery 
  • Charging clip with universal power supply 
  • High voltage probe with 2m HV cable 
  • Ground cable 7m 
  • Connector 
  • Sweep 
  • Flat brush 250 mm 
  • Extension 450 mm 
  • Pneumatic earphones 
  • Carrying strap
  • Instruction manual 
  • Test certificate 
  • Carrying case
Pipeline version (instead of the flat brush and the extension following items are additionally provided):
  • Additional battery 
  • 50mm extension for round or spiral brushes

Optional accessories

  • Flat brushes with 50 mm long brass bristles; widths 50-600 mm
  • Outer tube spiral electrode with ball head connector. For outer tube diameter 50-1470mm. For spiral electrodes, the 450mm extension is required (included in the Pipeline version). When ordering specify the exact pipe outside diameter.
  • Inner tube brush electrodes with 50 mm long brass bristles; for tube diameter of 50-510mm; the brush diameter is approximately 25 mm greater than the tube diameter. When ordering specify the exact pipe inner diameter.
  • Outer tube brush electrodes with 50 mm long brass bristles; for outer tube diameter of 25-510mm; brushes inside diameter is about 10 mm less than the outer pipe diameter. Depending on the size, the brushes have 2 to 4 guide rollers. When ordering specify the exact pipe outside diameter.