Probes - overview

The determination of the right probe is dependent on many factors such as:

  • combination of coating material and base material
  • the thickness of the layer and the base material
  • the size of the measuring surface
  • the geometry of the measuring object or
  • the surface condition of the measurement object


Based on the different measurement principles we offer a variety of probe types:

  • F-probes (ferromagnetic - blue spout) using the magnetic-inductive measuring method (DIN EN ISO 2808/2178 and ASTM B499) for measurements on magnetic base materials, such as iron and steel.

  • N-probes (non-ferromagnetic - yellow spout) using the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2808/2360 and ASTM D1400) for measurement on non-magnetic electrically conductive basis materials such as aluminum, zinc, copper etc.

  • FN-probes (combination probes - green spout), which are suitable for measurements on magnetic and non-magnetic base materials such as iron/steel and non-ferrous metals. The suitable measurement principle for the base material is selected automatically.