Cross hatch cutter

For measurements according to DIN EN ISO 2409 or ASTM D3359-02

Handy cross hatch cutter for measurements of adhesion of coating material on Substrate. PHYNIX cross hatch cutters are reasonably priced devices, meeting all cross cut standards. They consist of an exchangeable multiple blade device made of hardened tool steel, a rugged holdfast made of aluminum, as well as an ergonomically formed synthetic hand grip.

The freely turn-able hand grip always ensures the correct position of cutting edges on the surface during cutting.

The cylindrical cutting system consists of 6 cutting edges with 6 respectively 11 grinds each. High quality multiple blade devices made of tool steel ensure a long durability. After attrition of one cutting edge the device can easily be rotated to continue with a new unused edge. A hex key for an easy exchange of the blade, a brush to clean the scarified surface, as well as a magnifying glass for the evaluation of the edges cut are included in the delivery.


Product No. Devices for measurements according to
Blade distance
10405 Cross hatch cutter 0–60 µm 1 mm
10246 Cross hatch cutter 60–120 µm 2 mm
10382 Cross hatch cutter 120–250 µm 3 mm
Product No. Devices for measurements according to
ASTM D3359-02
Blade distance
10723 Cross hatch cutter 0–50 µm 1 mm
10726 Cross hatch cutter 50–125 µm 2 mm



The condition of protective or decorative coatings plays a decisive role in maintaining the quality of a product. The better a coating is adhered to the substrate, the more reliable is the protection. The quality of the adhesion of single or multi layered coatings can be measured by cross-cut-tests. 6 or 11 parallel cuts are made on the substrate with the cross hatch. Subsequently these are crossed by 6 or 11 perpendicular cuts. After brushing off loose coating particles an evaluation is made with the magnifying glass according to refererence pictures in the comparison chart.

Delivery content

  • Cross hatch cutter
  • Cutting head with multiple blades with 1- 3 mm blade distance
  • Hex key for blade exchange
  • Magnifying glass for reliable Evaluation
  • Brush to clean cut surfaces
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction manual