Coating thickness measurement

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Paint thickness measurement

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Coating thickness gauges

Gauge Overview

Coating thickness measurement is an important issue in many industries – Our product range shows the broad variety of applications. Ranging from high-end measurement systems to pocket devices with one-button handling – every customer finds the ideal device for his individual application at PHYNIX.

Surfix® Pro X

The new premium product Surfix® Pro X features a large high-contrast color display and is apted to make large sets of measurements during production or in the laboratory. Integrated USB and Bluetooth Interfaces make for an easy network Connection


The most striking feature of the new PHYNIX Surfix® EX / SX is the brilliant color graphics display. The internal data memory allows the storage of up to 2,000 measured values. A USB connection is used to connect to a PC.

The greatest flexibility is provided by the   Surfix® SX, which can be connected to all probes from the PHYNIX probe program. The Surfix® EX gauges with the fixed standard probe are suitable for applications where the measurement task is clearly defined. Without the high-quality plug-in connection the Surfix® EX offers a significant price advantage compared to the Surfix® SX.

The gauges Surfix® S/Surfix® Pro S offer, like the Surfix Pro X as well, a large variety of probes, due to the pluggable probe port: standard probes for universal application as well as specialized probes for measurements in holes or on car tires. Data storage, interface and statistics are standard for these gauges.

Surfix® E

Our bestseller Surfix® E with a fixed standard probe is the go-to device for almost every application. It measures with high accuracy on steel/iron and non-ferrous metals and features data storage, interface and statistics

The Pocket-Surfix® X has a similar feature range, but is smaller in size. On the spot measurements without having to abandon accuracy, data storage, USB-interface and statistics. The bright LED backlight enables easy reading of measured values even under difficult conditions. Due to its integrated probe the gauge fits into every pocket.

Surfix® Easy X

The Surfix®-easy-X coating thickness gauges are suitable for rough on-site use as well as for laboratory measurements. They are user-friendly and the illuminated display makes it easy to read the measured values even in dark environments. The Surfix® easy X I has an integrated probe, while the Surfix® easy X E is equipped with an external, fixed probe. A single-point calibration function ("zeroing") is available for carrying out difficult measurement tasks, with which the desired measurement accuracy can be increased.




PaintCheck is your entry in coating thickness measurement with high-quality products by PHYNIX. It is ideally suited for vehicle inspectors, paint shops and repair shops. A reasonalbly-priced device featuring one-button handling. Also interesting for oldtimer fans.