Wall Thickness Gauges

With ultra-sound measuring techniques wall thicknesses can be non-destructively determined. Before testing, a coupling gel will be applied to the surface of the workpiece. The ultrasonic pulses emitted by the probe hit the material to be tested, penetrate the material and are reflected from it. The material thickness can be exactly determined by means of the time during which the ultrasonic waves propagate through the object.

Table of sound velocity in various materials (m/s):

Material m/s
Aluminium 6.260
Iron 5.900
Copper 4.700
Brass 4.640
Zinc 4.170
Silver 3.600
Gold 3.240
Glass 2.350

Ultrasonic thickness gauges - simple, rugged and powerful. Please choose from the following models:

TT-100 series

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Main features
  • Universal wall thickness gauges for metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Five sound velocities storable


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Main features
  • Wide range of probes
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Alarm- and scanmodus
  • Data memory and RS232 interface