Quality – Made in Germany

Our gauges are exclusively manufactured in Germany and meet the highest quality requirements. A lot is even nowadays handcrafted and exclusively manufactured by us. We only use materials of the highest quality, to ensure the highest possible quality, durability and precise measurement results. We offer a warranty of two years on our products.

Due to our special probe technology the shape and the base material have very little influence on the accuracy. Our probes feature a highly wear-resistent pole tip made of carbide and therefore possess nearly unlimited durability and always provide precise measurements.

Each manufactured device undergoes an individual process of calibration, succeeded by extensive tests of functunality, testing for all features of the device. This is followed by testing the specific accuracy of the device. For this particular purpose foil standards are used, which can be traced back to German length standards. The result of the accuracy test, meaning the measured misalignment, is documented in a producer inspection certificate. The certifcate is included in the delivery content, except in PaintCheck series.

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